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The provincial people's Congress held in commemoration of the 40th anniversary forum of reform and opening up will Chaoyang Jianping cracked an extraordinarily serious illegal trafficking of explosives. Tong Yuhua: to the new target of ideological liberation pilot Chaoyang face does not evade the issue from enact change The day night cooling heating Dalian good overall stability This year the city of Dalian in 44903 taxpayers Shenyang institutions targeted recruitment of college students retired soldiers Oil prices at the largest decline in four years to fill a box of oil less to spend 20.5 yuan Jiang Youwei: go all out to promote the reduction of deposit control by the contradiction Benxi, under the above rate to implement the plan to ensure the rectification effect is achieved. Wang Fengbo: emancipating the mind to seize the opportunity to accelerate Liaoyang comprehensive revitalization Wei Jian appointed a working group to Shenyang to urge the investigation of Medicare fraud Shenyang new commercial housing rose 1.5% rose 12.7% Liaoning Weijian Committee promote "license separation" reform Pei Weidong: try to write a new chapter in Fuxin new era of transformation and revitalization Liaoning court started hearing the hospital leaders live trial demonstration month "activities The first record of Liaoning wetland available Liaoning held "The Belt and Road enterprise training Shenyang Customs to provide credit services 840 enterprises to preach Fushun really tough action to solve environmental problems of concern to the masses Tieling invited Russian experts help industrial upgrading Dalian to create a better environment of strength of private economy Liaoning thoroughly implement the summary of Xi Jinping thought of ecological civilization Shenyang city heating enterprises "heat insulation" degree" Fuxin: struggling to open a new journey of transformation and revitalization Duan Junming: optimize the talent environment padded livelihood short board Liaoyang county to speed up construction projects to promote the development of county economy Dalian will build a "smart dining platform" to achieve accurate nutrition management Shenyang electric bicycle traffic violations Chajiu Jinzhou diversified pension service system to build the elderly care home
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Liaoning provincial institution reform basically completed the task

[ Liaoning provincial Party committee to complete the provincial organization reform task ] [ Liaoning Province, community hot reform of provincial institutions ] [ 31 province focus of institutional reform: "characteristic Department of Qi Liang phase ] More headlines.

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